UnPowerIt Now!


Make your computer automatically go to sleep after completing a task


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UnPowerIt Now! is a really simple tool that basically puts your computer to sleep after it finishes any specific task that it's running. It's a great utility for when you have to leave your PC performing a task for a long period of time.

Thanks to UnPowerIt Now! you won't have to wait for your computer to finish downloading a huge file, or for the antivirus to finish scanning the whole system. This application can shut down, sleep, hibernate, or even restart your PC after these processes end.

The program is really easy to use: you just have to assign a date for the task being performed or start a countdown for your computer to shut down automatically. You can also set it up so it shuts down after the CPU activity falls below a certain level you set.

If you want to customize the program interface, there are five skins for you to choose from.
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